By Ted O. Mason, D.D.S.
December 10, 2013
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Children   Wichita  
Wichita Family DentistDr. Ted Mason, Wichita family dentist, acts as the first defense against tooth decay and gum disease. With time, teeth go through changes, but one thing remains the same—your natural teeth are always susceptible to tooth decay and gingivitis. For optimal oral health, it’s important to build good dental habits at a young age. After a child’s primary teeth start coming in—typically when the first tooth comes in—it’s time to get ready for the first dental visit. Your family dentist in Wichita breaks down the first exam. Check it out below!

First Meeting

Typically, your child’s first exam won’t take very long, and extensive cleaning isn’t needed. The first visit introduces our Wichita dentist, Dr. Mason, to the family, and we want to show your child that our dentist office is a friendly and comfortable place. For some people, new experiences can be jarring, so it’s important to slowly transition a child from the first visit to a regular dental exam.

Oral Health Education

Also, this appointment is meant to be educational for parents, especially new ones. Feel free to ask Dr. Mason any questions regarding good oral hygiene practices for your child’s teeth and gums. Other topics Dr. Mason can review with you include:
  • Your child’s fluoride needs
  • Oral habits to keep an eye on (thumb sucking, lip sucking and tongue thrusting)
  • Teething
  • Best foods for developing teeth
To schedule a regular dental appointment with your dentist in Wichita and his dental team, call his office or submit an online appointment form. Being prepared is always a good thing, and now you know what to expect for your child’s first dental visit. What questions do you have about children and helping them maintain good oral health at home? Let us know in the comments. We love to hear from our patients.