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By Ted O. Mason, D.D.S.
April 30, 2014
Category: Oral Health
children oral healthKids grow up fast, and so do their teeth. Parents tend to worry less about their child’s teeth during the primary stage. That’s because those teeth fall out and get replaced by the permanent teeth. Why would you need to worry about cavities? That’s because decay on primary teeth can also negatively affect the newly erupted permanent teeth.
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has taken surveys revealing how problematic tooth decay is for younger patients. If parents don’t seek dental care at least by the age of one, it could spell trouble for your child’s oral health.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited tooth decay as the number one chronic infectious disease for children living in the United States. With this nation-wide threat to children’s oral health, it’s critical to receive professional care.

Care for Your Child’s Smile at Wichita Family Dentistry Office

You may be the authority on your child’s favorite things (food, books, toys), but we are the authority on oral health. Once your child’s first tooth erupts, it’s time to schedule a visit with a family dentist. In Wichita, Dr. Mason and staff are equipped to treat primary teeth. Moreover, children need to meet a dentist as early as possible because it helps them transition to better oral hygiene habits.
Are you ready to learn more about checkups and preventative care? Call our Wichita family dentist office at (316) 685-5321 for an appointment. We are glad to help all family members find primary dental care for primary dental concerns.